«I would like to say the bike from the team made me feel at home».

«Я хотів би сказати, що мотоцикл від команди змусив мене почуватися як вдома».

Anya and her bike (Summer 2022)

Hi, I'm Anya, I'm 29 years old, a theater director, teacher and trauma therapist from Ukraine.

My story is similar to most stories of people from Ukraine. I woke up on February 24 in Kiev to sirens and my friend's words: the war had started. Since then everything has changed.

After the 24th, I never went back to Kiev.

And since April I came to live in Berlin.

I do theater projects here, and I have my own theater workshop at Märkisches Museum, where I work with children from Ukraine.

It was here at the museum that I met the Rueckenwin team, who at the time helped me with a bike that I had temporarily. (It was a bike that a wonderful man and photographer from Berlin loaned me).

When my temporary bike returned to its owner, I asked the Rueckenwind team to find something for me, and they helped me with it.

Now I have my own bike, on which I race relentlessly around Berlin and the surrounding area.

I would like to say that I am infinitely grateful to the team, because they give life to old bikes by assembling them from old parts and parts that people who care about them bring them. This is a very cool initiative, which gives an opportunity to consume things consciously and make people happy who can not buy themselves a new bike, or just support the idea of the team.

For myself, I would like to say that the bike from the team made me feel at home. In Kiev, I was able to explore the city with my electric scooter.

However, my electric scooter stayed in Ukraine.

In Berlin, it was just as important for me to have a tool to explore space. Thanks to the team for giving me this opportunity in the form of a bicycle.

By the way, the Rueckenwind team inspired me to organize an event where children from my workshop can decorate my bike to their own taste. For myself, I promise to ride this bike as the kids make it for me.

Who knows, maybe in the future we will join forces with the team ... and the kids from the "STANTIA" Theatre Workshop will decorate other bicycles as well.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying the warm summer days in Berlin, but hoping for a warm autumn. 


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