Théophile: Volunteer of the Month (Februar 2023)

Today we want to say goodbye to Theophile with a tear in our eye. He was volunteering at Rückenwind over the last year, while he was studying his Master in Economics for his semester abroad. He found us by chance and then stayed for quite a while. Now he unfortunately has to go back to Paris but he takes the spirit of Rückenwind with him.

Thanks Théo! Bonne chance et toujours un bon vent arrière pour tous tes trajets. We Celebrate you as Volunteer of the Month!


How did you find Rückenwind?

I was looking for a bike and discovered Rückenwind online by browsing "second hand bike". I went there thinking I might find some advice on how to get a bike in Berlin. And I found much more, I found a cool and positive atmosphere and also advice from Salma on how to get a bike!

What did you like about volunteering there?

Soon after my arrival in Berlin, I wanted to join an association that was carrying out a concret and useful actions for the community. And that's exactly what I found. People are genuinely involved, it's a well-organised group, with a warm and welcoming spirit even if you don't speak German.

Moreover, I totally agree with the philosophy that a bike gives you autonomy and helps you to emancipate yourself. 

Also, I appreciated all the moments of meeting and sharing outside the workshop that I was able to experience (critical mass, etc) and the participatory functioning of the association.

Do you have any special memories you would like to share?

Shortly after the start of the war in Ukraine, two women who had come to Berlin seeking refuge came for a bicycle not knowing that there was a long waiting list. However the key master was able to find two bikes and two hours later they each left with a bike, and a very big smile on their face.

The DIY workshops at the Technikmuseum were also really nice moments to help people get to know about their bike and the project!

What did you do in Berlin besides Rückenwind?

I was studying for my Master in economics.  

What are your plans? What motivates you? 

Back in France, I took with me the will to pursue this beautiful project of bringing people the ability to gain autonomy through cycling. To do this, I will use everything I have learned from my experience at Rückenwind.  


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