Ein Rückblick in Rädern „Bikes for Refugees 2021“

Wer ein Fahrrad in Berlin spenden möchte und dafür die gängigen Suchmaschinen befragt, findet unseren Verein eher früher als später in den weiten des Internets. In der Regel bringen die Berliner*innen ihre ausgedienten Räder bei uns vorbei, manchmal holen wir sie aber auch mit unserem Fahrradanhänger ab. Darüberhinaus besteht, seit etwas mehr als einem Jahr, eine Kooperation mit der landeseigenen Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Gewobag, bei der in zwei Kreuzberger Quartieren „herrenlose Kiezräder“ für unsere Arbeit bereitstehen. Zwar sind nicht alle Fahrräder die wir gespendet bekommen noch zu retten aber wir haben den Anspruch, möglichst alle Teile wieder zu verwenden und so viele Fahrräder wie möglich zu reparieren. Und so stemmen wir uns, gemeinsam mit unseren ehrenamtlichen Helfer*innen, jede Woche aufs Neue gegen den Wahnsinn der Wegwerfgesellschaft, tauschen Gabeln und Bremsbacken, entfernen und fetten festsitzende Sattelstützen und schneiden mitunter auch mal ein Gewinde nach, damit unsere Spendenräder wieder einen Gebrauchswert erhalten.

Trotz Pandemie konnten wir so im vergangenen Jahr in mehr als 1500 Stunden ehrenamtlicher Arbeit 200 Räder reparieren und an Menschen mit Fluchterfahrung ausgeben.

Zahlreiche Familien und Kinder bekamen so ein Fahrrad von uns. Manch eine Frau konnte sich sogar über ihr erstes Fahrrad überhaupt freuen, da in ihrem Herkunftsland Fahrradfahren für Frauen verboten ist. Ob für Einkäufe, den Weg zur Schule, zur Arbeit oder zum Deutschkurs… die reparierten Räder erleichtern und bereichern den Alltag ihrer neuen Besitzer*innen und tragen ganz nebenher dazu bei, dass sich Berlin zur Fahrradhauptstadt entwickelt (man wird ja wohl noch träumen dürfen).

Wir werden unser Bestes tun, um an die erfolgreiche Arbeit in diesem Jahr anzuknüpfen und wollen an dieser Stelle noch einmal allen Partnerorganisationen, Fördermitgliedern und Spender*innen, der Postcode Lotterie und nicht zuletzt unserer stetig wachsenden Gemeinschaft aus ehrenamtlichen Helfer*innen danken!

Our donation campaign “Keep on biking!” On betterplace

Support a heartwarming project during the cold season! This is what makes our mission possible! Visit the Betterplace-Donation-Page - it is free of charge and you'll get a donation receipt.


Even if not all Berliners get around on their bikes at this time of the year, our work never sleeps. By doing repairs together, people get to know each other, laugh and share a sense of achievement when a bicycle is completed. Our long waiting list shows that bicycles are wanted and needed. This voluntary work lives from the support of people who show solidarity.

We want to see you regularly by the end of the year small videos supply. Videos that show you who we are, who comes to us and why it is worth supporting us!

New partner Bike Stop

Since October our association has been a project partner in the “Bike Stop” project, which is funded by the European Union's Erasmus + program. A total of 9 organizations from 7 different countries (Spain, Bulgaria, Italy, Serbia, Romania, Germany and Great Britain) work together to enable marginalized population groups to find their way into an independent life.

In the joint project with the long name - “Bike Stop for social inclusion - From Guest to Host” - it is specifically about building a network of social housing projects and an internet platform "Slow tourism" for cyclists in various European countries. Within the next two years, participants in these facilities are to be trained to look after a hostel and a workshop for cycle tourists.

The role of the “Tailwind” association is to pass on our experience in setting up and running a bicycle workshop that is organized by volunteers. And to develop training methods for future bicycle wrenches. We look forward to the upcoming challenges and the opportunity to collect our knowledge and make it accessible to others and will of course continue to report on the progress.

Video shoot for Deutsche Welle

Our second bike edition since Corona took place on August 11th - and was accompanied by Deutsche Welle! Whose Environment magazine Eco India contacted us and was immediately enthusiastic about the “tailwind mix”: mobility, integration and sustainability. The result is a 3-minute television report in which our current federal volunteer service provider Keiwan has a say in addition to some of our volunteers. A successful portrait - but see for yourself:

Sharing is caring: How we got a small bike sharing fleet.

If bike sharing providers are due to questionable business conduct go broke or the city becomes too small for several providers, mostly gruesome and beautiful pictures of Bicycle cemeteries.

In order to avoid this, the provider “Byke” from Frankfurt am Main turned to us and asked whether we were interested in 350 bicycles. Wait what? The sheer volume made us swallow at first. Can we get that organized? Where should we get storage space for it? And how do the bikes get to Berlin? But because we have a long waiting list of people who have signed up for a bike with us, we decided to give it a try. Fortunately, we were not left alone with this challenge. Through cooperation with the Initiative "We tackle it" and another great bike project, the Lichtenberger Garage 10, we were actually able to handle the transport and split the costs among ourselves.

Of the 350 bikes that were brought from Frankfurt to Berlin on two truck tours with a 40-ton truck, we ultimately received 150. These are stored at a school in Charlottenburg and a Neukölln school, which in return each keep 20 bikes as schoolyard bikes can. We serviced the bikes again on two days of action and will probably start giving them to the people on our registration list at the end of July.

By then, some of the bikes have already got to know Berlin and the surrounding area: through a cooperation with the teach first gGmbH we could attach the bikes to that “Hannah Höch” - community school in Pankow to lend. This made excursions possible with the bikes, during which the students could get to know their district from a completely new perspective.

We are looking forward to further success stories that can be written with the redistribution of our small “Byke fleet” and we would like to take this opportunity to once again express our thanks to all participating organizations and volunteers.

Bicycle project week at the Albrecht Dürer grammar school in Neukölln

The project funded by the national cycling plan "Status wheel" is aimed at schoolchildren who are getting to an age when they are faced with the decision whether the car should be the mode of transport of their choice in the future. Through targeted communication and joint activities at schools, the project aims to present the bicycle as an alternative to the car. Because mostly young adults prefer the car to the bicycle because they are unsafe in traffic, do not identify with it sufficiently or because they lack the ability to repair bicycles.

In the latter case, volunteers from our association were able to help break down inhibitions on one day in the “Bicycle Project Week”. With our cargo bike and a box full of tools and spare parts, Jonas, Graham and Martin made their way to the Albrecht Dürer Gymnasium in Neukölln to show students how their own bikes can be checked and how the simplest repairs can be made Hand go. For young people in their prime 😉, the interest and commitment was unusually high. And we are pleased that we were able to help make more Neukölln students technically fit for cycling.

Open Society Day

With what felt like 50 degrees in the shade, we were able to hold our second day of action this summer. It took place as part of the Germany-wide “Open Society Day”. By participating in this self-organized holiday, which is practically off-calendar, we see ourselves and our association as part of a civil society for which the togetherness and social equality of all people are in the foreground. In doing so, we and everyone else who took part on this day set an example against the currently prevailing discourse of fear and isolation.

Everyone could take part and so in the end we were more than 20 helpers who repaired bicycles together, ate and discussed together ... And the balance of the day from the point of view of the association: 15 bicycles that will later be given to people who have escaped can.

Clean up, video shoot, and the Rotary Club

Today we held our first day of action. We were able to use this to process the many workshop tasks that cannot be completed during normal opening hours. This time the spare parts stored in the cellar were sorted and rearranged. Thanks to the work of many volunteers, everything has now become really nice and clear.

Our workshop was also the scene of a video shoot that day. Luc, a media designer at the end of his training, portrayed our association in the context of the topic of “volunteering” for his thesis. The film will of course be submitted by us as soon as it can be published in accordance with copyright law ...

In addition, we were able to welcome members of the Rotary Club Pankow. At the beginning of May they organized a charity run, part of which was earmarked for our association's work. After we presented our premises and our association work to you, we received a donation of 2500 euros. Thanks again for that. It is always nice to see that the meaningfulness of our work for integration, mobility and sustainability receives support from all areas of society.

Incidentally, we were also able to hand over 10 bicycles to refugee families. All in all, a full, successful and fun day for everyone involved. The next day of action is sure to come ...

Tailwind on the Velo 2019

This year we had the opportunity to present our club at the Berlin bicycle fair “Velo” at Tempelhof Airport. In the best weather, we were allowed to take a seat with our chic baker's bike next to the Neukölln Transport School and the VCD and report to interested trade fair visitors about our work. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has agreed to support us in the form of donations and (old) bicycles. Our work in this form would not be possible without your help. We'll see you again next year at the latest in front of the imposing hangars and next to the Neukölln traffic school!