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Since October our association has been a project partner in the “Bike Stop” project, which is funded by the European Union's Erasmus + program. A total of 9 organizations from 7 different countries (Spain, Bulgaria, Italy, Serbia, Romania, Germany and Great Britain) work together to enable marginalized population groups to find their way into an independent life.

In the joint project with the long name - “Bike Stop for social inclusion - From Guest to Host” - it is specifically about building a network of social housing projects and an internet platform "Slow tourism" for cyclists in various European countries. Within the next two years, participants in these facilities are to be trained to look after a hostel and a workshop for cycle tourists.

The role of the “Tailwind” association is to pass on our experience in setting up and running a bicycle workshop that is organized by volunteers. And to develop training methods for future bicycle wrenches. We look forward to the upcoming challenges and the opportunity to collect our knowledge and make it accessible to others and will of course continue to report on the progress.


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