Team member

Every person and every bike have stories in their luggage, both of which have traveled a long way. Rückenwind is above all a meeting place which wants to bring these stories together. Those who learn on the bike also learn from the people - which I find extremely enriching. So I always want to keep in touch with an invention that doesn't have to be reinvented in order to advance people.


Team member

On a trip through Southeast Asia in 2015 I met one of the founding members on a ferry in Thailand, he told me that they had founded Rückenwind 3 months beforehand and I was immediately enthusiastic about the idea. After my return, I spent a lot of time setting up the project, creating the external image and in the workshop. In the meantime I am fully employed in product management of an online logistics solution company and I am therefore more active behind the scenes. I would like to contribute to making Rückenwind a meeting place for everyone around bikes.



I'm Donal from Ireland and one of the newest guys in Rückenwind. I'm a big fan of rugby, bikes, and social responsibility! When I was 7 years old, I drove 100 miles in 3 days! I'm really impressed with what the guys have achieved so far and I hope I can help them on their journey! I secretly wish my hair was as beautiful as Constantine!


Founding member

I am Konstantin, part-time philosopher, park assessor, prospective civil engineer. For me, Rückenwind is proof of how far a commitment and a good idea can go. After getting carried away, I am now proud of what we have achieved and eagerly awaiting what is to come.


Founding member

Passionate globetrotter, acrobat and student of European media studies. I am incredibly happy to have learned so much from and about people and about myself and my team through Rückenwind. We can do anything if we try hard enough 🙂


Founding member

I'm Charlotte, 20 years old and a proud co-founder of Rückenwind. To see how an idea turns into a larger project among friends, how you can actually make a difference with simple means and a lot of passion, is incredibly refreshing and motivating. Give it a try!


Founding member

What I particularly like about our project is that you can see that it offers concrete support. We don't just talk about problems, we actually do something about them. In addition to the project, I'm interested in theater, which is primarily about interpersonal communication. I particularly value these in our work.